Stomach plastic

After extreme weight loss or many pregnancies, unsightly folds of flagging skin can often appear in the stomach region. People often suffer mentally and bodily, sometimes with a feeling of inferiority and mental strain.The feeling of self-confidence can be improved with a removal of the surplus skin and fatty tissue.

Before the operation:
An exhaustive check-up of the blood gives a picture of the health and condition of your body. In cases of extreme fat, we recommend a reduction in weight. The area of operation will be drawn while standing and photographically documented.

There are many different techniques. The most frequently used is the incision of the lower stomach along the line of the pubic hair. The cleared fat and tissue of the upper stomach is then removed from the muscles to the costal arch and pulled downwards. The surplus skin is then removed and the wound is stitched. The navel must also be cut out and stitched back into its original position. In addition, the muscles in the upper and lower stomach can be tautened. This is especially recommended for patients after pregnancy and/or with loose stomach muscles. In cases of extreme overweight, stomach plastic alone will not be very successful. Therefore, a reduction before the operation is necessary. Should the situation arise, liposuction can be performed 1-2 months before the operation. The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic and lasts for 2-3 hours.

The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic. A consultation with the anaesthetist will take place before the operation.

During the operation:

- heavy bleeding which can mostly be immediately stopped



-wound disruption

- wound infection

After the operation:

-disturbance of scar forming


-pain and tension

-seldom: thrombosis, embolism

Stay in the clinic:
We recommend staying for 2 or 3 nights in our clinic. We provide round-the-clock care, and from the first day, you will be helped by a nurse to walk, eat at the table and use the bathroom. After the operation: It is important that the sterile bandaging is often changed after the operation. Because the circulation must not be disturbed, you should avoid wearing clothing that can constrict the waist within the first 2 weeks.
Because our clinic uses soluble thread, there is no need to remove the stitches.

The stomach balloon
The application of a stomach balloon can be very useful in cases of extreme overweight and the failure of other weight loss techniques. The stomach balloon is a plastic/silicone ball which is inserted into the stomach using a gastroscopy, and is then filled with a sterile cooking salt solution (ca. 400-700ml).When eating, the stomach will fill quicker, expand and the feeling of having eaten enough will be achieved.The stomach balloon can be inserted without a surgical operation, meaning the risks are extremely low. After a limited time (max. 6 months) the ball must be removed as it can lead to changes in the mucous membrane, leakage of the balloon or to intestinal obstruction.
It is extremely important that the patient remains under the care of a doctor.

The stomach band
In abnormal overweight we recommend treatment with the stomach band. This affects the food intake, represses the appetite and slows down the digestion. This involves a silicone band which is laid around the stomach entrance, making it smaller. The stomach band is controlled by a pipe and fluid reservoir under the skin.The expansion of the band means that the nerve endings send messages to the brain that the stomach is full.
The stomach band is a simple method of leading a healthier life.

The stomach bypass
During the operation, the stomach is reduced and the intestinal loop functionally disconnected. This consists of a smaller extra stomach which is attached to the thin intestinal wall. The duodenal is then disconnected. This way, only a small amount of food can be realised.Through reduced eating and a shortening of the remaining intestine, an effortless weight loss can be achieved.The operation is performed under general anaesthetic.





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