Nose adjustment

The nose is the centre of the face. The size and shape of the nose are often not in harmony with the rest of the facial contours. A positive adjustment of the nasal form often leads to a strengthening of self-confidence. The reasons for making adjustments are mostly deformations caused by breaking or accidents, or so-called bumps, lumps and crooked noses. Modern cosmetic surgery is now in the position to positively reform the nose to an individual desire. After the age of 15, the nose will no longer change considerably and is as good as fully-grown.

The size, shape, height, width and ease of breathing can all be adjusted. The sides of the nose can be made smaller and the tip can be newly formed. In most cases, no visible scarring remains, as the operations are done from within the nose.

An accurate planning and clarification of the possibilities and limits of the operative adjustment of the nose are extremely important. Therefore, we will enter into a detailed and intensive consultation about your wishes.

After the operation, a happy patient is more important to us than a perfect nose.

Before the operation:
A personal consultation with the doctor about the operational process, after-treatment and risks is, for medical reasons, very important.

We need to see doctors’ notes, an x-ray and a current haemogram (the haemogram can be performed in our clinic)

The incisions are not visible from outside as we perform this inside the nostrils.Operational possibilities: -reduction of the nose-removal of lumps-straightening of the nasal diaphragm-muscle hyperplasia (increase in number of cells)

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. A consultation with our anaesthetist is extremely necessary.

As in every operation, there can be general complications such as bleeding, skin and tissue damage and bleeding. In very rare cases there can be infections of the wound area, thrombosis, smell and sensitivity disturbances.

Stay in the clinic:
An overnight stay is only necessary in extreme cases. We offer 5 suites and guarantee post-operative professional and medical care.

After the operation:
After the operation, you should reckon with light headaches and wound pain. Swelling and bruising can appear but will usually disappear after 5 or 6 days. A specially prepared nasal oil must be applied 2-3 times daily After the 2nd or 3rd post-operative day, the upper plaster cast will be removed. The rest of the cast stays for another week. Finally, a plaster will be applied and must be worn for 2 weeks. The stitching is soluble and doesn’t need to be removed. Sport and other heavy bodily activities should definitely be avoided for the first half year.




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