Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is a redistribution of existing healthy head hair. Groups of hair, roughly 5mm in diameter (so-called standard grafts), are removed from the fringe. Depending on the existing hair surface, up to 120 such grafts can be performed. The arising wound area is treated with a fine hair thread. Afterwards comes the splitting. Here, the standard grafts are split into small, fine transplants. There are mini-grafts of 3-5 hairs and micro-grafts of 1-2 hairs. Now, small pockets of hair are removed from the bald area. In the ensuing holes, up to 900 hairs are finely transplanted.

Until now, only head hair can be grafted, and not from other parts of the body. It is also not possible to transplant hair from another person. More often than not, it is necessary that every person with receding hair, no matter how severe, has enough hair with which to perform a transplant.

The operation is performed under local anaesthetic and is largely painless for the patient. Therefore, a general anaesthetic and overnight stay are not necessary. The operation can last for a few hours depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted.

A pressure bandage, which will be removed the next day, is applied after the surgery. Then the exposed scalp is cleaned and the patient can leave.

Further treatment is unnecessary. After a few weeks, the transplanted hair in most instances falls out. However, the transplanted roots begin to produce their own new hair. After roughly 3-4 months, a possible new operation can be undertaken.






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