Golden Lifting

olden lifting has proved to be an advantageous regeneration method for the facial skin and other bodily regions, when the first signs of age appear.

Fine stitches from a favoured, anti-allergic, 24-carat gold, are led under the skin by a polyglycolide fibre. With the intention of lifting furrows and wrinkles, these golden threads are implanted in order to construct a corrective frame.

The best results are achieved in the face, on the neck, the insides of the upper-arms and thighs, and the stomach region. A multitude of new cells forms around the golden thread creating new tissue rings.

Following this process, a concentrated hydration renewal of the skin is carried out, leaving behind a lifting effect without negative features.

The first signs of success will be visible after just 4-6 weeks and the results will last for between five and ten years.



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