A critical look in the mirror shows that our appearance changes with the years. Different environmental influences leave their traces in your face. When you don’t want to live forever with the signs of the times, we can help you. “Softform” is a thin, hollow tube made from a durable plastic.

The implant is positioned directly under the skin, into the corrective defect. Here, it takes the function of a cushion that lifts the skin. Highly pronounced wrinkles and contour defects can be considerably reduced with “Softform”.
You should speak to us to find out if your wrinkles are suitable for such a treatment. In order to significantly improve the expressiveness of the mouth, many patients allow their lips to be cushioned with “Softform”.

The improvements are immediately visible and the results permanent. The particular construction of the hollow tube permits the connective tissue in the cavities to grow back so that the implant stays firmly in place.

Should your perception change over time, the implant is easy to remove or customise. The access area will be locally anaesthetised. Further wrinkle treatment is possible with “Artecoll”. The application is carried out on deeper wrinkles using a stocked, liquid, superfine clinically-tested acrylic powder.

Comparable to “Artecoll”, we offer an alternative wrinkle treatment with “Dermalive”, an active agent made from hyaluronic acid.




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