Facelifting S-Lift

S-Lift Over the course of time, the skin begins more and more to age, predominantly in the cheek and neck areas. This results in decreased elasticity of the skin.

Before the operation:
In a detailed consultation, we will decide how much skin will be removed from the temples, cheeks and neck. It is important to know that no mask-like appearance will result, but rather, a measured tautening of the face and neck. The success of the facelift will last for years, but the ageing process, dependent on the composition of the skin and tissue, will not be stopped. A new lifting is still possible after many years. Before the operation it is necessary to perform a haemogram which we will naturally undertake in our clinic.

The key to success lies in the preservation of the connection between the skin and muscles. The short S-shaped incision begins in the temple area and ends about 1cm behind the earlobe. The skin displacement is minimal and allows entry to the superficial muscles in order to gather upwards as opposed to the classic methods which gather backwards. This way, the important connection between skin and muscle is not separated and you will achieve an extremely natural lifting of the neck and face.

In our clinic we favour a local anaesthetic where the patient is fully conscious and the facial features can be more easily controlled.Of course, we also operate under general anaesthetic. A consultation regarding this can take place with our anaesthetist.

General risks such as can happen with every operation, are, among others, heavy bleeding. Mostly, this is immediately appeased. Nerve injuries can also happen. In extremely rare cases the anaesthetic can cause an allergic reaction.

Stay in the clinic:
Normally the operation is undertaken on an outpatient basis, and the patient can go home the same day, but only if accompanied by a trustworthy person.However, we recommend an overnight stay under the care of a professional nurse.

After the operation:
Immediately after the operation, a bandage, which can be removed the next day, will be applied. In the next 5 days you should put no strain on the jaw. Please eat only soft foods and try to avoid speaking and chewing. During this time, swelling, tension and bruising can occur. Therefore, it is important to keep the head high.Hair can be washed on the second post-operative day with a mild anti-allergy shampoo.When the wounding is completely healed, the stitching can be removed after 6 or 7 days.Please avoid saunas and sun beds for the next 6 weeks.


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