Endoscopic Face lifting

Cosmetic surgery has always placed great value in hidden, practically invisible incision and beautiful scars.Often with plastic surgery, there is some skin which must be removed. This problem can, however, be solved.Endoscopic forehead lifting is an optimum operation for people with low-lying eyebrows and crow’s feet.

In endoscopic lifting (smoothing of wrinkles, worry lines and lifting of eyebrows), the incision is minimal, 1-2cm along the hair’s fringe. The incision is dependent on the type of hair. An artificial cavity is created through which the endoscope and other instruments are inserted.

The remaining scars are very small and barely visible. Because the operation is performed under general anaesthetic, we recommend an overnight stay in our clinic. Swelling and redness of the temple can not be avoided. This normally disappears after 7 days.

Please avoid heavy work, saunas and solaria for 8 weeks.



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