Facelifting (Laser, Skin resurfacing)

The Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Laser Medicine works with the latest generation of laser equipment from the firms “Coherent” and “ESC Medical Systems”. Both firms count among the most innovative enterprises and are undisputed market leaders in the USA in the fields of security and research of laser development. With the ultrapulse CO2-laser and/or the erbium laser, there is the possibility of remedying wrinkled skin, crow’s feet, small eyelid and upper-lip wrinkles which until now, could not be treated safely and free of risk. However, irritating warts, disturbing acne scars, sunspots and ageing spots and other unattractive skin irregularities can all now be corrected or clearly improved.

But, the main application area of this laser is face lifting (rejuvenation), and thanks to new technology is bloodless. This applies also to the correction of drooping eyelids and so-called tear-sacks.



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