Eyelid plastic

Unfortunately the elasticity of the eyelid skin and muscle decreases over the course of time. The eyes appear tired and lethargic and vision can be affected by surplus skin. In addition, fluid can collect above and below the lids (tear sacs). Eyelid plastic can give your eyes a younger appearance and freshen your face.

Before the operation:
You will be informed of all treatment possibilities, risks and post-operative treatment in a detailed consultation. A measurement of the face and an optical check-up are necessary before any operation. Should you wear contact lenses, we ask you to arrive on the day of the operation wearing glasses. Before the operation it is also necessary to undergo a haemogram. Naturally, we will do this in our clinic. For 14 days before and 7 after, please avoid any intake of medicine containing aspirin, as it can lead to heavy bleeding.

The flagging and surplus upper-eyelid skin (slipped lids) as well as the bulging fatty tissue will be cut out via an incision above the fold of the eyelid. Via an incision below the eyelashes we will remove the skin and fatty tissue (so-called tear sacs). Scarring is minimal and almost invisible after the operation. The operation can be performed under both local and general anaesthetic. The wound is then sewn with the finest stitching and needs no bandaging.

In our clinic we favour a local anaesthetic where the patient is fully conscious and the facial features can be more easily controlled.Of course, we also operate under general anaesthetic. A consultation regarding this can take place with our anaesthetist.

In rare cases there can be disturbances during or after the operation, despite the greatest care. These can mostly be treated immediately.Included could be bleeding, allergic reaction to the anaesthetic, nerve pressure (extremely rare) and numbness. After the operation, the eyes will be heavily swollen and coloured.

Stay in the clinic:
Normally an overnight stay is not necessary. The patient can leave the clinic accompanied after 3 or 4 hours.

After the operation:
Vision is reduced after the operation. You should protect your eyes from strong light and extreme strain. In this regard, it is necessary to cool the eyes 1-2 times daily with a special eye cream after the operation. Because they should avoid direct sunlight and other irritations, it would be better to wear sunglasses. It would also be helpful to use sun block for the eyelids. After about 10 days most patients are ready to go back to work. In addition, it would be advantageous to be collected by a trustworthy person, as it is not advisable to go out alone!




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