Breast reduction and lifting

The breast stands as a symbol of femininity. It has fertile, motherly, protective, social and anaesthetic functions. Unfortunately, the form of the breast can change through weight change, pregnancy and the ageing process. Because of the partial strain, large breasts can cause pain in the spinal and shoulder areas. This can lead to malposition and line-forming.

A breast-lifting can reduce or eliminate shoulder and back pain.The psyche of the patient is burdened and many live with a lower self-esteem.However, you should be aware that any excess weight should be lost through a diet before any operation.Downward-pointing nipples on flagging breasts can be returned to their original position. We will try to leave the form and size of the breasts as natural as possible and with few unobtrusive scars.

Before the operation:
A personal consultation with the doctor about the operational process, after-treatment and risks is, for medical reasons, very important. Mostly, the patients have a definite picture of how their breasts should look afterwards. It will be decided by the surgeon if it is possible to fulfil such wishes as there are different techniques to reducing breasts.There are examinations before the operation, such as a mammogram, ultrasound and blood checks (clotting, thrombosis, blood group).Naturally, we undertake a photographic documentation before and after every operation in order to compare how successful the operation has been.Immediately before the operation, the cut lines will be decided and drawn so as to make the operation as problem-free as possible.

The operational techniques will be decided according to each patient. There are different possibilities like, for example, the classic operational procedure. This consists of a circular incision on the edge of the nipple, a vertical incision between the underside of the nipple and the breast fold and then horizontally in the folds (T-cut). Other procedures like the L-cut or rationalisation are also possible in special cases.The mammary glands and nipples are supported while the glandular tissue is shifted upwards.With the finest sewing technique the wounds are stitched with soluble thread. This will disappear within a few weeks.

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. A consultation with our anaesthetist is extremely necessary.

Bleeding can occur during and after the operation, in addition to post-operative swelling and bruising.In extremely rare cases, there can also be infection, skin and tissue damage and thrombosis.

Stay in the clinic:
We recommend a stay of 2-3 nights in our clinic, where we have round-the-clock care personnel.To help the wound heal, a couple of day’s peace is essential.

After the operation:
The bandage will be removed on the first post-operative day and replaced with a sports brassiere, which should be worn for 6 weeks.The stitching is soluble and will disappear by itself after 6-7 days.Please avoid heavy work, saunas and solaria for 8 weeks.





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