Breast enlargement

Plastic breast surgery has revolutionarily improved in recent years. Cut less, achieve more, and minimise the strain on the patient, is the new philosophy. Virtually the most gentle methods of attaining a beautiful bust.

With a breast enlargement you can achieve the natural proportion in relation to your body, which you have always imagined.
For breast enlargement we can offer you different procedures: through the naval endoscopically, via the armpits or from underneath the breast.

Before the operation:
After the first personal consultation in our clinic we need a mammogram and haemogram.Because you will have to wear a sports brassiere for 6 weeks after the operation, we recommend you procure one beforehand.For 14 days before and 7 after, please avoid any intake of medicine containing aspirin. Please do not arrange to have the operation during your period as it can lead to heavy bleeding.The area of operation will be drawn while standing and photographically documented.

The doctor will decide with you the type of implant, the size and the entry incision.Currently there are implants with silicone, cooking salt and hydrogel. We prefer textured silicone implants, while in this way a natural and aesthetically pleasing can be achieved.Depending on the size you have chosen, we can position the implant behind or in front of the breast muscle.We prefer to cut around the nipple. The incision is small and scarring is barely noticeable.The operation lasts for about 1 hour.

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. A consultation with our anaesthetist is extremely necessary.

Bleeding can occur during and after the operation, in addition to post-operative swelling and bruising.In extremely rare cases a formation of a capsular fibrosis can occur, dependent on the reaction of the patient.Thrombosis can also occur (extremely rare).

Stay in the clinic:
We recommend staying for 1 or 2 nights in our clinic. We provide round-the-clock care, and from the first day, you will be helped by a nurse to walk, eat at the table and use the bathroom.

After the operation:
The bandage will be removed on the first post-operative day and replaced with a sports brassiere, which should be worn for 6 weeks.The stitching is soluble and will disappear by itself after 6-7 days.Please avoid heavy work, saunas and solaria for 8 weeks.





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