Our clinic has established a “fatbank”. Extracted fat is frozen for up to three years after the operation, and within this time, the fat can be thawed out and injected for the elimination of wrinkles and the signs of ageing.

Firstly, after consultation with the patient, 4-6 litres of a special solution is tightly injected into the marked area of fat removal using the smallest opening possible. After the fatty tissue has softened, the surgeon will insert, via a small opening, a thin cannula (tube) to draw out the fat. By using this technique, the risk of injury to blood and lymph vessels and also the nerves is greatly reduced.

By the way, the operation can be completely performed on an out-patient basis, and the patient will be completely awake throughout. The places where the liquid will be injected will be locally anaesthetised so that you hardly feel any pain. The sense of pain, however, differs from patient to patient, meaning it can range from completely pain-free to a burning sensation or feeling of pressure. We are available during every treatment phase to help you with your wishes.



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